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ECO-WEEDER Punto, the brand new lawn care product from Switzerland, roots out even the toughest weeds. The Punto features a thermo element heated to over 1000 Celsius along with a thermo spike whose tip is heated by the infra red system to 600 Celsius.

This means that while the thermo element destroys photosynthesis in the leaves, the root is virtually burnt out by the blazing hot thermo spike. In this way, Punto combines the efficiency of a surface machine with the exterminating effect of the thermo spike to ensure the total destruction of plants & weeds. This is done rapidly, easily and practically without visible trace on the lawn, there are no chemicals and no harm to the environment. Just one gas cartridge is enough to destroy over 1000 weeds, including, dandelion, thistle, dock, and plantain.
     Effective Width:          45 mm
     Gas Consumption:      0.04 Kg/h
     Output:                      1.85 KWh
     Weight w/Gas Bottle:   1.4Kg
     Price:                         $250 (US)