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Forevergreen™ features ECO-WEEDER infra red weeding tools that are made in Europe. Forevergreen™ is pleased to offer these revolutionary chemical free weeding tools to North America.

The ECO-WEEDER tools use the combustion of liquid gas in ceramic pyroelements to reach temperatures of up to 1,000?C. The temperature combined with the heat insulated casing places intense radiation directly on weeds and wind-borne seeds. This explodes the weed's protein cells stopping photosynthesis within a few seconds. Even the most stubborn weeds can be eliminated once and for all with just a few treatments with no noise and no pollution.

Using the ECO-WEEDER products a single person can eliminate weeds over a surface of up to 3,000m? an hour with minimal fuel consumption

For Who?
ECO-WEEDER wheeled versions are available in 4 different working widths and are the ideal weeding machines for agriculture, administrations, building maintenance, market gardening, landscape gardeners, hospital, retirement homes and sports fields. They are unbeatable for ecological weeding since no chemicals are required for all kinds of paving, gravel, earth and gravel paths, car parks, terraces, etc. Excellent for disinfecting bathing establishments, tennis courts, sports facilities, greenhouses and animal housing thanks to the separate bactericidal and fungicidal action, especially against stubborn pathogenic germs.