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Our Climate seldom gives us the optimum growing conditions for growing plants without protection. The Forevergreen™ Greenhouse is ideal for growing tomatoes. Manufactured with galvanized steel pipes, special clips for easy fast mounting, earth anchors, and long lasting UV protected plastic. With life long steel construction, fast assembly and optimum air exchange **A MUST FOR EVERY GARDENER**

* Robust Ground Anchors * Nicer Fruits
* Optimum Air Exchange * Larger Crops
* No Heat Collection Protection from Hail, Wind, and Rain
* Easy Plastic Covering Long Lasting Steel Construction
* Affordable Price Easy Assembly
TH 100-175 100cm (3'3") 175cm (5'9") 210cm (6'10") $89.00 $89.00
TH 100-176 Replacement plastic 3.0mm x 4.0mm 0.15mm (0.006") $40.00 $40.00